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[writing;] nanowrimo 2016 updates

Posting this for posterity here, because NaNo's website isn't public, and I need a way to reference back when people want to see it.

Title: Teucer: The Call
Genre: Historical Fantasy

First Draft: 2010
Current Inception: 2016


Born of the war-torn marriage of the infamous Argonauts and the foolish dishonesty of a Trojan king, Teucer has lived his entire life under the impression that his Trojan origins hold him back. While a loyal brother and cousin to some of the fiercest Achaean warriors, Teucer lives in the shadow of the expectation that he will come to betray the only life he has ever known, forsake all oaths and promises ever made, to return his mother to her proper throne in "windy Ilium."

However, nine years after the marriage of Helen of Sparta to Menelaus of the cursed house of Atreus, Teucer's former oaths are called into question when the Queen of Sparta goes missing, and he is called to uphold his end of a truce to protect Helen's throne. A truce that will draw him to the shores of the family he's never known, now a bitter enemy of every allied Achaean. Are the gossips just that, or is this half-Trojan heritage also inexorable destiny?

[See more @ NaNoWriMo.]

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